Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Costa di Bussia Lange Barbera Arcapla’ 2004 and Cut Copy

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the inaugural review posting on Music and Wines. WOO HOO!!!
I will try and post at least one review every week with the hopes of doing more.
Bear in mind, I am a web rookie, but my passion for Music and Wine will keep you coming back!

Lets get started….

Costa di Bussia lange Barbera Arcapla’ 2004
My rating is 89 out of 100

I found this hidden gem at my local wine shop (LCBO) by accident. It was the bottle and the region it came from that drew me to this wine.

To begin, Costa di Bussia lange Barbera Arcapla’ comes from the Piemonte region of Italy (more specifically Langhe). I have always enjoyed a bottle from the Langhe appellation, so I had to pick up this bottle.

After some research, I found that this wine was a true hidden gem. It has won a silver medal at the Mondus Vini competition in 2008 and was blend of two of my favorite grapes.

This wine is composed of 70% Barbera and 30% Nebbiolo. The name Arcapla’ means put on top in the local dialect. This refers to a method the wine maker used to add the later ripening Nebbiolo grapes on top of the already partially fermented Barbera. After 9 months of aging in French Oak barrels here is what came out:

This wine is a wonderful balance of fruit, tannin and acidity. The nose was a bit light, but the taste made up for it. It is a medium to full-bodied wine with a nice and long finish. I detected hints of berries (the dark kind), a bit of leather and a touch of espresso. It was a really smooth wine that would be enjoyed by new wine lovers getting used to red wine and old time aficionados who love a full-bodied experience.

This wine could be enjoyed alone, or with foods such as pasta, pizza, sausage and chicken. Please note, this wine may be impossible to find. Good luck, it is worth the internet hunt!

I personally enjoyed this wine with Cut Copy…

Cut Copy latest album In Ghost Colours
My rating is 4 out of 5

I am sure there’s a lot of you who have never heard of Cut Copy. I am about to change that as this band is a lot of fun and full of energy. Cut Copy comes from Melbourne, Australia and started up in 2001.
In this post, I am just going to focus on their latest album In Ghost Colours
(released in 2008 by Modular Interscope).

Cut Copy is a perfect example of 80’s music grown up to work now. I really like
this band, but they are not for all. You have to want to have fun with organic 80’s
electo/pop sounds. If you are into that, you will be bouncing at your desk or in
your car or wherever you feel like bouncing. When I listen to this album I hear a
bit of Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order.

This is an album that will lift your spirits and start your mornings off right. Some
of the highlights are Hearts On Fire and Lights and Music. Both songs will
cause unexpected bouncing (as stated above). Feel The Love and Far Way will
cause you to sing along and Eternity One Night Only will finish the album
just right with a wide range of mellow and fun beats.

When I listen to In Ghost Colours, I listen to the entire album as it just flows and
goes by way too fast. There is no skipping through songs here and when it is
over I usually listen to it again.

If you want a really fun album to bring back old memories and create
some new ones, this is it. Pop lovers will go nuts, eighties fans will rejoice and
the new listener will find an amazing new band to follow.


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