Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another New Zealand Gem - Mt. Difficulty Pinot Gris Central Otago 2008

Mt. Difficulty Pinot Gris Central Otago 2008

As summer time ramps up, finding time to write has been harder and harder. I will try not to leave you in the dark over the summer months.

I want to introduce you to another wine from New Zealand. In my search for unique and affordable wines, I stumbled upon a Pinot Gris from a winery called Mt. Difficulty.

I love wines that come from challenging terrains. The harder it is to grow the grape, the better it tastes. Vines thrive on some drought, rough soils and inclines. Mt. Difficulty is located in the Central Otago region of New Zealand. The winery states that they are situated in “a unique and rare area of extremes”. Now let’s taste the wine…

The Review
My Rating is 89 out of 100

This is not your average Pinot Gris so don’t expect it to taste like a Pinot Grigio from Italy. In the glass, this wine had a crystal clear yellow hue. There were nice aromas of mild fruit. In my mouth, I found this wine to be much dryer than the typical Pinot Gris. There were a lot of crisp fruit flavors (citrus fruit and peach) without being too intense. The end had a bit of bitterness. This wine should be drunk now and better enjoyed with food. Perfect for summer lunches and mid day getaways.

I also highly recommend their Pinot Noir; one of my new Kiwi favorites.

Music review and pairing to follow…

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